sometimes i function.
sometimes i don't.
eccentricity is bliss.

Yes, sleepyhead?

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nothing much happening though. i just don't know how to delete this part. orz. oh. i probably go to korea this october. if you happened to read this, wish me luck. yehet.

a b o u t

pretty much an older sister to most of you. Harimau Malaya.

Chen, Kris and Xiumin. from 2012. (x)

Yixing was about to say 'Byun-Xing' but his accent make it sound like 병신 (byung-shin) which from word to word, means 'a jerk' , 'an a**hole' or 'stupid'

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Cat Eyes are nice… but Bat Eyes are better.

Happy Halloween <3

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"we really came from an unknown planet"
- 박찬열 , EXO

"we really came from an unknown planet"

박찬열 , EXO

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Leaving or not, victim or not, you have a special place in my heart. No matter what anyone says, I will stick by your side and support whatever you choose to do as a career choice. You are in so much pain right now and I want you to recover from this and come back strong. Love you always Jessica Jung ♡

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#supporting you bcoz worker's right is very important   #this is getting out of hands sm   #jessica   #hope you got what you properly deserved   
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  • it’s okay to eat
  • it’s okay to have fat, because it’s natural and it doesn’t make you ugly or unlovable
  • stretch marks, scars, moles, etc are totally ok
  • your body is wonderful exactly the way it is
  • please be kind to yourself
  • i love you so much
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baektao’s xoxo ending poses throughout the concerts

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there should be a warning every time kai’s about to laugh so that everyone could stay at least a meter away from him
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